Our Mission

As stated by Arthur Pursell in 1967, is to:
“Provide for the community a telescope and observatory of merit for the enrichment of the community”.

  1. The purpose of the TAA and observatory, is to “supplement the educational facilities of the local schools and other civic bodies” by providing a place and equipment for astronomy education.
  2. The observatory offers “an opportunity, for the youth and adults of our community, to access the tools of the astronomer”.
  3. The Club provides a bridge between textbook knowledge and personal experience in astronomy.
  4. The Club presents the science of astronomy in an understandable “hands-on” way for a life- long appreciation of our universe.
Ready Our History


TAA membership funds our observatory, which provides a place and opportunity for members to:

  • Meet monthly and discuss various topics related to astronomy.
  • Plan astronomical activities and programs.
  • Post articles and observations on our website.
  • Present educational observing programs to the public.

We hold public information and observing sessions at the Arthur Pursell Observatory in Tulare. It is located seven miles south of the city of Tulare. At these sessions we teach the public about the night sky. We show attendees the constellations, talk about the different types of telescopes, and how to look through them.

A list of our activities can be found on our calendar or click on the events tab at the top of our webpage.

Anyone that has an interest in astronomy can join our group. You do not have to have a telescope or a lot of  knowledge about astronomy. If you have a desire to learn and to share your time with others, you are welcome.

We hope you will join the TAA and share your interest in astronomy with us. We look forward to meeting you.

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